Henning Ludvigsen

Henning Ludvigsen grew up in Holmestrand, a small town in the south of Norway. In Norway art school can be joined at quite an early age, and this is where he learned the basics of traditional art. This all happened in the time before digital computer art made its way to the traditional art schools.
Because little more advanced art education was available, he began working full time after two years of basic art school. Since the ad operates within a digital environment (mostly Macintosh OS), he set about teaching himself this. The Amiga was the first computer which opened his eyes to digital art and he realized the tremendous opportunities available when working digitally. Since 2004, Ludvigsen focused on developing work flow skills and creating fantasy-related 2D art. He is currently (2009) working as the Art Director of a Norwegian/Greek computer game development company in Athens, now developing the mmorpg game Darkfall.

official site: www.henningludvigsen.com
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